The Company

EbixLive is a leading IT and consulting company , having hq at India. We believe in listening, analyzing, advising, and implementing new projects and concepts to effectively present complex information. Our approach to service delivery offers greater flexibility as compared to any company and sharpens the competitive edge.

Our objective is to provide "Good Quality" at unbelievably low rates with harnessed superior technology with many innovative measures to ensure QoS commensurate with World Standards. The quality parameters of the company are focused on productivity and deliveries at the right time. We endeavor to optimize our customer's investment with the aid of the technology, productivity and cost effectiveness solutions and services that plays an important role in nurturing the relationship with the clients.

The Desk of CEO

Welcome to EbixLive! Over 8 Years of experience, countless hours of service and our customers support is the secret to our success. We are the EbixLive Technologies and we are preparing for new times and new challenges ahead !
We are Committed to creating extraordinary opportunities and making a difference to all that we touch & beyond! For the EbixLive milestones are stepping stones .. Our journey started with a goal to provide quality service at affordable price. — With our insistence on high standards of ethics, teamwork & commitment to quality and innovation, We at EbixLive have showcased record breaking growth & delivered excellence to our customers.
We don't just talk about future-We are actively laying foundations today for a better tomorrow.- not just to do business but Build business – collaboratively, consistently, responsively !

CEO/Managing Director
EbixLive Technologies

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